Blog Post 4: I.T’s A DEAL!

List your goals for the situation

The goal is to try and come to a resolution that benefits everyone the most. We need to come to an agreed upon conclusion that is most fair for everyone involved. We must consider everyone’s feelings and situation with great care and try to keep our own feelings out of the meeting and look at it objectively. Our goals for the situation would include having the company being more communicative as the major problems that have come up have been caused by a lack of communication. The company once was once considered to be happy and relaxed during its break times and since this incident has occurred people are stressed and do not enjoy their peer’s company we would like to solve this issue and get it back to where people enjoyed each others company. We would also like to at least try and embrace new changes within the company without dismissing them without any negotiation or discussion.

List the relevant issues

Problems with change even if it does benefit the company as they don’t want to dive into the social media aspects of technology, however, the younger team members are adamant that it is the way of the future this creates a severe conflict within the company.

Lack of leadership as Mike and Mary don’t seem to be fully in charge of their staff and lack of communicating their beliefs and wants for the company

Barry’s anger needs to be looked at and managed. Ignoring him simply makes things more difficult for everyone.

There is a major lack of communication as the younger team members are pursuing social media disregarding the current older userbase in favour of showing their bosses that social media will have a positive effect on the business. There is a lot of doing things without communicating which is not positive at all. The employees just appear to be making big decisions without any guidance at all.

Identify everyone’s needs and wants

Mike and Maria are quite happy about how the company is going. The younger team members want things to change as they think it would only bring improvements and greatness whereas Mike and Maria are still set in their old ways and don’t want to change anything. Mike and Maria prefer to respect and hold high regard for old clients and old suppliers.

Kahu and Brair both share the same needs and wants they both firmly believe that that social media is the way of the future and can’t comprehend Mike and Maria’s resistance to new ideas.

Barry wants to improve the company by updating to a more profitable supplier and is frustrated that he doesn’t get listened to when he voices his concerns and ideas.

Pat is the poor guy who is left to deal with the whole mess. He can see how everyone is feeling and can see it falling apart, he only wants a more positive working environment and wants to be able to communicate better with Mike and Maria

Identify the main options for approaching the situation

The main options would be to embrace and at least try to develop the company with these suggested changes from the team however it should be under strict supervision to avoid controversial and damaging tweets or Facebook posts to go out again. Everything would need to go through review and things should not be getting done without having ever being communicated in the first place.

Bringing up the issue of a lack of leadership on Mike and Maria’s behalf and acknowledging the severe lack of communication between the whole team. Coming up with solutions to this will help the company as a whole and also help boost the morale of the team so that they at least have decent lunch breaks with a less heavy and less negative atmosphere.

Everyone should be reminded that they are a still apart of a team and all have a common goal. Everyone wants to improve the company and they need to understand that they must work together to achieve great things and not stray and to make decisions based on their own selfish reasons

What will you need to remember your communication skills while conducting the meeting?

We need to understand that everyone in this meeting is still a human being and still has emotions and situations that we may not understand. We must look at this objectively and not be overwhelmed with emotions. We must accept the facts that everyone makes mistakes and the only thing that matters from the point forward is to work together and try to improve the situation for everyone involved.

How will you manage Barry, who is apt to get angry?

We still have to include Barry just like everyone else. If Barry starts to get heated we would remind him that we have the same goal and that we are a team and that the companies best interest is to keep its employees safe and understood. We must acknowledge that Barry only tends to get heated when he feels like he is not being ignored and cast aside so we must let him know that we are aware of the lack of communication and he will have a chance to speak and be attentively listened to. If Barry becomes angry we must not respond with anger as well instead we should try to remain calm and make him understand that there is no threat here.

How will you achieve an effective close to the meeting?

To effectively close this meeting we have to recap the main issues and make sure they have been solved and have been fully covered to avoid any confusion within the team. After the meeting, I would highly suggest a follow-up meeting just to check to see how things have progressed and to see if the first meeting was even effective. Continous meetings at least once a week could greatly improve the lack of communication within the team and boost team synergy.


Blog Post 3: Teams, Teams, and more Teams!

What makes an ineffective team? How do you overcome ineffective team members?

An ineffective team is a team that doesn’t have all it’s team members participating or not putting in an equal amount of work to be productive. Communication is key to overcoming ineffective team members as they may not even know they’re not pulling their weight. You have to be careful with the way you communicate this to them as well you can’t accuse them of not doing anything instead you must bring it to their attention in the politest way possible to avoid fights and bad blood between the team it could even fracture or break the team if you’re not careful.

What makes a good team? How can you make the team better?

Encouraging and giving team members a push and kickstart them and get them on the right track. Setting goals and giving team members tasks and deadlines make sure everyone is on the right page and keeps the team productive. Making sure they feel included by letting them know that they are an integral part of the team making them feel needed and important. Always keep track of all team members even if it is just to see how they are doing.

What makes a great team? How can you keep the team great?

Great teams will always be communicating. There’s rarely a break down in communication and if there is they try to mend it as fast as possible. If a team member is struggling everyone will struggle hence team members will have to keep an eye on each other and help when needed. The team is only as strong as their weakest member so be sure to help them out when they need it.

How can teams work effectively and efficiently?

Communication is the number one thing in keeping the team efficient and alive. if everyone is in the loop and doing what they’re meant to be doing then the team will thrive and we achieve this through constant and quality communication.

Part 1 – Using the questions above, or any others that you can find, describe the effectiveness and efficiency of your team so far.

So far our team has been able to attend all meetings and everyone has been communicating fairly well. We give each other feedback and help each other out if one of us is stuck. Things that could improve is productivity of work but time is always an issue.

Part 2 – How important is it to have an effective and efficient team in your:

  • the current class of COM502?
  • overall certificate/diploma/degree programme?
  • potential future employment?

I would say it is incredibly important to have an effective and efficient team in all aspects. Communicating and being apart of a team is important in classes, courses and of course the real world. Being apart of a team is almost unavoidable so learning how to become the best team you can be is quite the skill and knowledge to possess. Having a team is a lot more productive and lessens the workload and produces higher quality outcomes.

A group of people working and communicating together will always beat the lone wolf no matter how good he works alone.

Blog Post 2: Team Bonding activities

Participate in one or all of the Team Bonding activities:

  • The Balloon
  • The Bamboo Stick
  • The Blind Fold
  • The Rope

Please reflect on the following points:

  • What do you think contributed to your team success? Write keywords below which reflect your group consensus about what your group did well.

  • What do you think did not help your team success? Write keywords below which reflect your group consensus about what you could have done better.

I think our group did pretty well. We had good communication for the blindfold exercise as that one was the easiest to manage. Being able to touch and guide the blindfolded person required a lot of trust and listening which we managed to do pretty well. We opted for the elevator rather than the stairs for safety reasons but we made it without bumping into anything or anyone and with zero casualties.

The other two activities were a bit more difficult. The rope exercise was very difficult to give instructions and it didn’t help that we made a very hard shape to follow from the start. Most of the group participated but we did have a couple of people that struggled to give feedback and guidance. I think if we were to do that one again we would make a much simpler shape to follow such as a square or a triangle something really basic, easy to explain and follow especially for the blindfold people. Now the Balloon activity was by far the most difficult we barely managed to do that one but we came last. Our team tried our best and the communication was good but I think we needed more hands on the balloon. Each member was designated a role, one role was the blowing of the balloon which was assigned to me and the other roles were touching the balloon but only with one right hand and the other person with one left hand. Every time I tried to blow up the balloon it would just shoot out of my mouth so next time there definitely needs to be one hand holding it in place and the other one supporting it so it doesn’t shoot out like it did. Our balloon was the smallest by far as well.

We didn’t do the bamboo sticks one as we didn’t have the required material for it but hopefully, we get to do it next week 🙂 Overall I think everyone was contributing and communicating in the end so in my eyes that is a success it’s all about the process rather than the end goal anyway. The only thing I could think that could have used improvement was a bit more involvement from all team members as there were only one or two that were actually all there and participating but all in all, it was pretty good.

It was a big day. It was the day we found out that we’re all going to be stuck together, work together and put up with each other to achieve a common goal and that goal is passing. This was it these group of people was decided to be my team whether we liked it or not we had to make it work and this marks the beginning of our journey. Wish us luck because we’re probably gonna need it!


Blog Post 1: Observe body language

When you work in retail for years and years you start to see body language being used everyday. From angry customers to happy shoppers. The way they stand to the way they flail their arms around can be used to know exactly what type of mood they’re in before they even say a word. A line of customers at the counter a couple of them with their arms crossed and feet steadily stamping you know they’re upset and about to burst. The ones that have a calm expression on their face and show a much more relaxed stance opposed to a tense and ready for a fight stance.

Body language is key into how you’re going to approach someone before you even come into contact with them. I have learned from years of retail experience how to approach certain customers based on their body language alone. Body language is like it’s own language it can be used to understand the customers and will influence how you approach, how you talk and how you sell to them.

Once you understand the basics of body language you’ll be able to instantly tell if you’re dealing with a happy customer or a not so happy customer. Crossing arms and having the arms come to the hips with pointed elbows is usually a good sign that they’re not happy and you’re going to have to deal with it in a calm collective manner. Ones that are in a neutral stance with graceful arm movements are usually pretty safe to just be yourself around and maybe even throw in a few light hearted jokes. I have learned that my own body language also comes into play. You have to be clear and you have to have an open, approachable stance to connect with their own body language.

Customers are the main showcasers of body language but there are others that can display such actions in the work place. Co-workers and Managers also showcase a large variety of body language whether it be directly to you or maybe meant for someone else but you happen to catch what they’re trying to convey. All in all body language is so important for us to use and understand, it is used everyday and if you know how to use it and how to interpret and deal with it then you’ll have a much better understanding of how to survive the day 🙂

Blog Post 0: What Is The Difference Between Communicating And Communicating Well?


There is communicating and then there is communicating well. Everyone has the ability to communicate but doing it well is another skill that we can learn. Someone could say “ I want a glass of water.” That is communication but if someone says “ I want a glass of lukewarm water from the blue jug.” then that is communicating well as you know exactly what you they want and you aren’t left to second guess what it is they really meant, being descriptive drastically enhances communication.

But how can we improve it further? If we come face to face with people we are able to bring a number of elements to the table. We can use gestures to convey emotion and change the tone of our voice to get a point across, if we use both then you will be able to communicate much better than someone who just uses their words and nothing else. Body language and tone will set you apart from everyone else in terms of communication. In person communication is and will always be the number one way to communicate effectively.